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22 November 2015

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It’s been a few weeks since a good update!  Here are a few of the happenings!

First off we have Rebekah. You may or may not know Rebekah, with her little dwarfy legs, is part of cross-country team.  This past week she had her first meet!  It was so exciting as we stood on the sideline as she ran by and cheered for her… here’s a video:

And here are some pics of her afterward chugging some water and hanging with her teammates.

bekah-drinking bekah-cross-country-team

She has practice ever day after school and usually runs a couple of miles and then comes home and eats a ton of food.  🙂

Kay McChicken foot had a concert last week that we didn’t get a chance to post.  She goes to choir a few times a week early at school (7am… she says it “sucks” to go that early… but really she likes it).  Here’s a video of her singing:

This past week Spencer had a project for school where he had to show a “procedure”.  He decided to make french toast.  He made up a cool poster for it all (but that is toast now), so here are a few pics.

IMG_3171 IMG_3167 IMG_3165 IMG_3159

For those that are not in Texas you probably don’t know but a couple of months ago Joseph discovered he could figure out how to do magic tricks with the help of youtube… now he usually carries around a deck of cards and it is his preferred method for impressing girls (which he has also become obsessed with recently).

I asked him to let me video tape a few of his tricks… here you go. 🙂

This past week in Jeff & Debbi land has also been super exciting.  As you may know I have been working for Osky Blue ( for the past 2 1/2 years as a partner.  We’ve seen some amazing growth and I have learned a ton.  This past week an opportunity arose for me to take the Custom Software Development part of the company and split it off from Osky Blue.

After much pondering and praying Debbi and I decided to go ahead and do that.  We took the web development team, some marketing folks, some designers, and all the custom software clients and started a new company.  We are calling it CedarWaters (great illusion back to Cedar City days).  The site is going to be here:  We’ve been doing great and will have a great first month.

Here is a mockup of what the website design is going to look like when I launch the site in a few days.  Should be all sorts of fun, but please do keep us in your prayers.  Always a bit uncertain as well…



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November 22nd, 2015 at 11:13 am

17 November 2015

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It’s been a couple of weeks!  So much has happened as always!  Crazy lives around here!

First off, the fall 2015 Fall Hamburger Challenge!

A couple of weeks ago Joseph was in the city Veteran’s day parade.  Here is a video:

This past week Joseph, Spencer and I made an awesome pinewood derby “no rules” car.  It has a CO2 cartridge in it!  It was amazing and the only one that actually got air at the event!  Here’s a video (play it in slow motion)



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November 17th, 2015 at 7:55 pm

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1 November 2015

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Howdy howdy howdy!  Another great week has come and gone in the VanD household.  This week seems a bit more exciting.  Here are some updates!

First off this past Monday Joseph has his UIL Marching Band Performance.  They made the finals in the area (big deal here!).  That means they are one of the top 10 bands in the area.  They didn’t make state this year, but they are headed in the right direction.  Here is a video of their performance:

Here are a couple of cute pics of our marcher.


He’s the cute sax pointing his toe there in the middle.

IMG_3095 IMG_3086

Rebekah also got to perform this week in her first football game.  Here is a picture of here and the other French Horns.



Here is a video of her playing.

Today she is going to play a song at church.  Here is a video of her practicing this morning.

This week in Kay land was pretty exciting.  She received a “positive referral” which basically means the teachers picked her out from other students for being kind to others.  Here is a picture of her receiving her award.


Besides that there was of course halloween!  Here are a few pics of the kids!  We have a magician, a witch, a snow queen, and a vampire. So exciting!

IMG_3115 IMG_3119

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November 1st, 2015 at 5:24 pm

VanD Update 10/25

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Happy Sunday Everyone from the land of the VanDribblehoppers!  Another great week has come and gone and now take a few minutes… sit down.. put your feet up (Joseph says the wives should make some cobbler for everyone) and enjoy and update from the great land of Frisco!

This week was amazing… and by amazing, I mean… well… it happened.  The biggest news of the week was probably pretty much EVERYONE getting sick for at least a few days.  Fun…

Here is a picture of Joseph in his natural state this week:


Okay, it wasn’t that bad most days, but he was home for a few days.  We have had a ton of rain this week and they didn’t have to perform at the football game on Friday and their competition for Saturday got moved to Monday, so he is enjoying a few days off.  Everyone is well in the house now.. so that is nice!

He was feeling well enough last night to go to a stake dance… his second one… so that was of course amazing and right now was the highlight of the week.  🙂

Bekah also stayed home one day this week.  Other than that the most exciting thing in her life is her getting ready for regional tryouts for honor band.  Here is a video of her practicing her french horn.

Kay McChicken foot was sick one day as well.  She is one of the most motivated little buggers you’ve ever met.  She is always bugging me to give her some work to do at my work (building websites), so finally I told her this week that she needed to get some skills before she could do that.  And Kay being who she is said… like what?  And pushed me till I sent her some links to learn to code.  She started on a HTML course and is plugging along each day.  Here’s a picture of her next to her code.


Spencer is just enjoying life.  He was sick one day as well, but he mostly is doing well and playing with his legos.  Here is a little video we made this morning.  🙂

Here is Spencer and his “Cabbage” he got at school.  It is growing away.


This week was an exciting one for Debbi taking care of everyone.  The highlight of the week was when she saw a 18 min-loaf pan at the store that “had” to be bought (I was on board too!).  She made up some AMAZING pumpkin and apple treats yesterday for us… nom nom nom…


Besides that I’m just working away.  Always exciting things happening in my life at work.  Yesterday I went to a “Lonestar Coalition Against Pornography” conference that was FANTASIC where the founder of “Fight The New Drug” was there.   Joseph and Bekah came down for an afternoon presentation by him as well that as really really good.

This weekend is Stake Conference for us here, so I had lots of great training meetings last night as well and today.  Life is just moving along great!

We sure do love and miss you all!!!

Bonus picture of the week: Joseph rocking Kay’s scarf this morning.  🙂


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October 25th, 2015 at 12:38 pm

VanD Family Update 10/18

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Hey All!  Sorry for the delay on posting this week.  I (Jeff) the primary writer of this amazing publication was out of town most of the end of last week at the second half of a WoodBadge (Scouting related) training.  It was amazing, but I was out there Thursday-Saturday.

So, I don’t have too much to post this week.  We are all just busy living the life of parents with growing kids.  A few points to talk about.

  1. It is getting colder here in Texas finally! A few days last week we had to actually put on jackets when we went to get Joseph from Seminary in the morning.
  2. Cooler weather makes it nice to go outside and sit on the porch.  Debbi bough some cool chairs and we have a front porch that we try to go out on often.  If we can’t find the kids they are likely outside reading on the porch… that is pretty cool to see.
  3. Our home continues to be filled with awesome piano music.  I love coming home and hearing the piano playing.  The kids are all getting so amazing!
  4. Joseph’s school had homecoming last week.  The band rocks, oh, and I guess that pregame show they have before halftime is also doing pretty well (which makes it fun for the band). joseph-band
  5. On Saturday his band got straight 1’s at the UIL competition.  That means they are going to district this weekend and if they do well they will be able to complete in state down in San Antonio…. it’s a big deal folks… remember how huge Texas is… 🙂
  6. This weekend at WoodBadge we came up with patrol flags.. I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a family flag and chatted with the kids about it last night.  They stayed up late and drew up some design ideas last night… it was way cool to see the stuff they put on there.  Family vacations.  Dinner at Grandma’s, PJ’s for Christmas… 5:30am scripture study (there was an alarm clock on one of them)… it’s the little things that create the memories for everyone.  I’m looking to order some leather hide online so we can make up our family flag… stay tuned.  I’m sure it will be awesome.  Here is me and my patrol flag at Woodbadge.  20151016_18514220151016_185153

That’s all I got right now… just trying to keep my hands and arms inside the ride!  Love you all!

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October 20th, 2015 at 7:48 am

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October 11th, 2015

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Another exciting week has come and gone in the VanD home so that means it’s time for a family update!  I decided that it was time for a a few short video updates.




Unfortunately Spencer was not feeling well on Sunday so no video from him.  He is still just loving playing with legos.  That is really what he does in any spare time he has. The kids have set up a lego city on the back porch are are often out there playing (all of them at some time or another), but Spencer plays out there more than others.  He has a lot of fun with them.  It is very cute!

Deb and I are doing well.  Nothing too exciting to report on our end.  I’ll try to see if I can take some more pictures this week!

Have a great week!  Keep your arms and hands inside the ride at all time sand have fun!

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October 12th, 2015 at 1:41 pm

October 4th, 2015

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It has been way too long since I have written on a regular basis in here and life is just passing us by! I really feel the need to keep a better record of who and where we are!

Generally, since the last time we wrote with any consistency we moved from Arlington up to Frisco TX after I was offered a partnership at a startup company, Osky Blue. We lived at a rental home for a year while our home sold in Arlington, and while we built out a home in Little Elm (right next to Frisco). We now live in a great neighborhood called Frisco Hills in a wonderful home. We are so blessed. Each of the kids have their own room and there is a good family room upstairs for the kids to play around in. It has been our home that this will be the home we stay in for the next 10 years while our kids all grow up. We love it here in Frisco and love the people. Anyway, here is a short update on each of the kids and us.

Joseph is busy being a teenage Freshman (9th Grade) in high school. I don’t know how it happened, but we have a cool kid high schooler. Most days are just spent trying to survive. He get’s up at 5am (or 5:25 when I come up stairs if he thinks he can “sleep in”). He has early morning seminary (Old Testament this year) and then goes from school to Band practice EVERY day. Seriously.. they don’t mess around here with Band.

In addition to practice every day, I think every weekend this month they also have a band competition… so we are just trying to enjoy any time we get with our sweet son.


Rebekah (7th Grade) says the highlight of her week was yesterday when I kicked them out of the house! It was beautiful outside and the kids were all sitting around so I told them to get lost! They took off toward the forest by our house and found what they are now calling “The Brain”. It is a clump of those trees that drop “Brain” looking fruit. It think technically they are called Osage trees. Anyway, the now LOVE this forest hangout and want to go back there every day. We went by this afternoon as a family so we could all check it out.

Besides that Bekah has been busy with school and is loving Band. Since I have not written in forever, she is in the Symphonic band (the top band) at her middle school playing the beautiful French Horn. It is her favorite class right now. (For the record… she hates Math).


Kay is just a sweet as ever. She is in the 4th grade and started at a new school this year. In typical Kay fashion it wasn’t too long before she finagled her way into being Class President and twice a week goes to choir practice before school for the school choir.

This year with Bekah and Joseph in Band she didn’t want to be left out so she has taken up the Trombone and can play a few songs… I’d post a video… but alas, I love you all too much for that. Perhaps in a few years of practice.  Kay is always available for a good cuddle… She loves curling up with just about anyone. If I could get her and Bekah to sleep in their own rooms it would be a miracle.

Today Kay and Bekah were reading old journals and they came across something about a palm pilot. I pulled out my old one and put in batteries and it started up. She is playing with that now and is calling it her “starter phone”. It doesn’t do anything… but she is excited… and how cool is it to have one of my 10 year old palm pilots working…


Spencer was part of the Brain patrol as well and loves to climb in the trees to go and find things there. Right now he is about 1/2 way through his first (and perhaps only) season of flag football. Most of the time he just does what the coaches ask… and tries not to get into too much trouble. Lol…  He doesn’t really understand football… I guess that is what happens when you are raised by a non-football guy…

He REALLY likes to hang on things.. .anything, anywhere. We were at Joseph’s Football game on Friday and he found a bar to hang all night and is now nursing a blister in the middle of his hands. We have long felt that gymnastics may be a good thing for him that he would enjoy so yesterday we took a few hours and went an visited local gyms. We may try out a class in the near future.

He also LOVES lego’s. He has gotten creative and is now putting his lego guys in funny places (like holding up the dutch oven table), or eating a snack in the fridge.

Lego guys holding up the dutch oven table.

Lego guys holding up the dutch oven table.

Snack time!  I love grapes!

Snack time! I love grapes!

Oh, and he loves to work in the garden.  Here he is digging for potatoes!



Debbi and I are doing great. We celebrated our 15th anniversary this past summer. I am working away at Osky Blue, where I am the Chief Technical Officer and work on technology all day long. Debbi works about 20 hours a week there as well as the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager. (She makes sure all the SEO get’s done for our clients each month). But mostly she is trying to really be involved in the kids lives. She is serving on the Band Board for Bekah’s middle school and volunteers with Joseph’s High School band as well on a regular basis. She is attending Intitute each week and makes me some killer fish at least once a week for dinner (no minor miracle here folks).

We are so blessed and grateful for each and every one of you!

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October 4th, 2015 at 5:35 pm

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Back in April, the family did one last 5k Race before it got to hot to run.   They did an amazing job!  Joseph shaved off 5 minutes from his last race.  Rebekah placed 2nd in her division, Kay placed 1st in hers, and Spencer got 2nd in the stroller division… he ran a good portion of the race though.  🙂  Mom, Brad, Jamie, and Eli met us halfway through the race to cheer us on, squirt us with water guns, and take these fun pictures.

Rebekah sped by them before they could get their camera out… she was Hauling!

Here’s Joseph.












Here is Kay, Jeff, and Spencer before and after the squirt.


Debbi bringing in all the last of the Swift Striders.









And then Mrs. Nelson (Spencer’s Pre-K teacher).

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July 6th, 2012 at 12:36 pm

Joseph’s Crazy Hair

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Joseph got a new haircut tonight. He wants to keep it all summer. I said he could have it for 24 hours. What do you think?



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June 21st, 2012 at 6:46 pm

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Rebekah’s Career Plan

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Got this today from Rebekah. Just about cried. :).


Got this awesome keychain from Joseph too. Best … Fathers … Day … Ever!


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June 17th, 2012 at 12:12 pm

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