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9 October 2016

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Sorry for not writing last week!  It was General Conference and that threw off my Sundays!  Every year for General Conference we make Orange Rolls.  As part of the recipe we are supposed to cut the dough in 1/2… I forgot and we ended up with HUGE orange rolls!  It was amazing!

As we sit down and try to think about things that have happened not too much comes to mind.  We are just BUSY!  I went to Utah for a week and Debbi held down the Fort.  Don’t ask her about that Fateful Tuesday where the kids had to all be at different places all night and there was a curriculum night and there was a class meeting for Kay and… and… and I was in Utah!  Needless to say she was running all over the place!

Bekah is busy with school and band stuff!  Here is a Picture of her dressed up for Athletics Day this year.  She is going to be on the cross country running team again. 

One of my favorite things is matching my family… I especially love when my kids match each other!  🙂 

Here is a video tour of Bekah’s room too (NOTE: she likes to say “Ja” a lot right now in place of yeah.. it’s cute… she has convinced some people at school that she is not from the US)

Kay – These past couple of weeks have been exciting for Kay!  She ran for student council in her class and got into that.  And now she is running for the President of Student Council in her class. There is one other guy running as well (who happens to be in our ward… lol.).  She’s been busy going to honor choir as well these past couple of weeks and is really liking it!

One night this past week she proudly told us how Joseph was teaching her some magic tricks this week!  Here is a video of our magicians. 🙂 

Spencer  loves to swing!  He has always loved to swing and the feeling of flying through the air.  We have hammocks upstairs that the kids have turned into a swing around the pole.  Here is a video of them swinging: 

This past week was the raingutter regatta for scouts.  We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to make it, but last minute we could so we threw together a boat!  Here is a video of one of the races he won.  He won 2 and lost 2.  It was a good night overall!

Joseph has been in BAND!  Does it sound like I’ve said this before?  Yeah… that is his life right now… the nice thing was that he had Friday during he day off (no school) and tomorrow (Monday) as well.  It is well deserved and needed!  Last night their band WON the Grand Championship (which is like the super champions) at the competition they did. 

Since we last talked Joseph discovered Queen and the Bohemian Rapsody.  It as pretty awesome to hear him enjoy some of the things I enjoyed as a kid!  Here is a video of breakfast one day!

Debbi finished up her sashes!  They turned out amazing!  She survived last week (barely) and is looking forward to being with her BEAR Woodbadge patrol this weekend as they finish up.  

I was in Utah for a week enjoying nature and got to go to an amazing conference and rub shoulders with some sweet folks, got to go to a BYU game with some amazing friends from Utah, and even attend a temple session.

This week I hired on a new director of software development and leased out some suites at a new office space in Plano.  Pretty exciting stuff happening at work too.  The Lord is so good and we are so blessed.  Love y’all!  Have a GREAT week!

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Written by Jeff

October 9th, 2016 at 3:40 pm

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  1. Awesome update! Love this fun family!


    9 Oct 16 at 4:08 pm

  2. Great update, don’t stop now , keep it up. Luv Ya all.

    Grandpa Larry

    10 Oct 16 at 12:22 am

  3. I love you guys!!!Thanks for being so entertaining! So proud of all of you and the good choices you are making in your lives!

    Favorite Aunt Tricia

    11 Oct 16 at 9:17 am

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