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25 September 2016

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Another week has come and gone… got to love Fall here in the VanDrimmelen house.  In some ways everything is the same as last week.. just moving along and enjoying life!  Nothing too exciting so here is a video of us just hanging out getting ready for dinner… 🙂

A few highlights of the week!

1) Mom (Debbi) was gone Thursday morning through Saturday night at Woodbadge training.  It’s a Boy Scout training program for those that have not heard of it where she goes and camps out and learns a ton about how to be a great leader.  I went last year and LOVED it and my WONDERFUL wife went this year!  Here is a picture of here in her and her patrol (the mighty, mighty BEARS!)

2) That means that I was holding down the house.. lots of lucky charms and hanging out with the kids… good news… no one died!  🙂

3) Joseph had his first band competition this past Saturday and was gone all day.  They did pretty good (got 6th out of 10th place or something like that).  He is enjoying and their full show should be done in the coming weeks.   Here is a run through from a family performance on Friday night… He is the saxophone wearing blue shorts and a hat… The ones I keep coming back to in the video:

4) Bekah says the most exciting thing of her week is that she is still passing Algebra.  I’m not sure that really counts for an update… So I’ll also say that she and Kay got to go to WordCamp DFW yesterday with me.  It is a conference where they learn to build websites and they had a kids track where they got to hang out with other kids.  It was “tons of fun!”

5) This week Kay was on Safety Patrol at school.  What that means is that she got to go to school early and stand in the drop off lines and help younger kids to class.. Even cooler is that she got go to to class late!  She also made the district Elementary Honor Choir and had her first rehearsal this week.  Turns out she’s a soprano.  Who knew?  :).

6) Spencer got to spend all day yesterday with Grandma Van, which means unlimited technology and food!  Woot woot! What could possibly be better than that?!  He still is loving Domino creations and here is a video of his latest creation.

7) On Saturday we all go to to go and have a birthday dinner with my wonderful mom.  It was great to see her… She’s 29 for the 30th time… :). We put together a video of all of us and the grandkids wishing her happy birthday… Of course she cried… :).  It’s almost like it’s not a challenge any more… 🙂

8) As for me… I’m just trying to enjoy each moment with the family as I can.  Work is going well and keeping me busy.  I’m looking to hire a Custom Software Engineer, or Custom Software Manager… Or what ever they want to call themselves (This is small business after all…  We can call them the Software Happineness Engineer if we want…).  This week I go out to Utah for a conference and am sneaking out a few days early to spend some time in the mountains communing with the Lord.  I am getting complaints that I never post pics of me so here are a few pictures from me this week.  🙂

The first one is our new trent middle school band shirts… that is a timberwolf claw with music on the background.  It’s pretty neat.  The second pic is me and a guy that works for Automatic ( at the conference yesterday.  You can see my CedarWaters garb there.  He actually knows one of my old students that worked for me at UNC days who now works for WordPress… it’s pretty cool.. I took a picture and sent it to her.


Have a great week y’all!  Sure do love you all!img_0626

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September 25th, 2016 at 6:28 pm

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