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Another Week… Another Buck Three Eighty

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When I was growing up when we would ask my Dad how he was doing he would often say “Oh you know, another day, another buck three eighty.”  That’s about how I feel. Another week… another buck three eighty today.   Life is good.  Just chugging along… lots going on with school and life.  Here are a few highlights for the week!

Joseph had his first marching performance of the year.  It was at the recently opened Ford Center here in Frisco.  It is the practice facility for the Dallas Cowboys and they share it with the Frisco School District so we get to go and play football games there.  It was really nice.  As I looked around I couldn’t help but again to feel so blessed.  We really do live in a nice place with a TON of parental support.  At the game there must have been 7,000 people there… The HIGH SCHOOL football game.  It is a lot of fun and we get to see a ton of folks from the ward as well.  

Here is their first performance of their show.  NOTE:  They have not finished their on field props.  Those boxes are going to be piers to go along with their show which is focused on the sea.  I’ll add more info for that once Joseph is around and I can ask him for details.  But enjoy: 

In other Joseph and Spencer finally got some new Suits.  They are looking slick!

Bekah and Dad spent some time “bonding” this afternoon. 

Kay had her city Honor Choir tryouts this weekend.  We’ll know tomorrow if she made it or not.  She’s been working hard on some super nice drawings of Harry Potter and one that she made for her art teacher. 

This afternoon Spencer as having some fun with Dominos.  Here is a video of his creation!

Debbi land has been busy as of late preparing for the Primary Program in the ward.  For those that don’t know she works with the leadership of the children’s organization in our church.  There are about 100 kids in the organization and once a year they prepare a program where the kids all talk and teach the congregation for Church.  It is one of the best Sunday’s of the year as the little children literally teach us.  :). 

The last exciting thing in our life is that this week we said goodby to Black Stallion (the Black Honda Accord we had) and upgraded to a F-150 Blue Truck.  We’re still trying to figure out names, but are leaning toward Zeus, Titan, and Spartan.  :). So if you are in need of a truck or help with moving or towing… CALL ME! I love to help and am so grateful to have a truck again.  

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Written by Jeff

September 11th, 2016 at 8:36 pm

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  1. I’m sorry…what? You let Bekah “carve” into your head? Like with a razor? Are you just gonna shave your whole head tonight???


    11 Sep 16 at 8:44 pm

  2. It was with a trimmer… and yeah, I’ll just cut it shorter tomorrow… may be kind of short for a few days, but really.. who is going to notice. 🙂


    11 Sep 16 at 8:45 pm

  3. I like hearing about the kids activities, & love the new truck, Congrats to everyone.

    Larry A Lyman

    11 Sep 16 at 9:00 pm

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