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The Most Exciting Time of Year

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It’s that wonderful time of year again when we get to put all the kids back in school.  It has been way too long since we posted on here.  Life continues to truck along. One big thing this summer was our trip to Yellowstone.  We had a great time with the extended VanDrimmelen family and all the kids got to hang out with their cousins.  We saw the Lyman/ Lea clan in Southern Utah and also for a day up in Evanston with the Wirick’s.  There are tons of pictures but we’ll just post this one picture of our family in all of our matching Yellowstone shirts/hats.  (I LOVE to match!  The kids amuse me.)

See that “V”… that’s the VanDrimmelen sign yo!  (Okay, I realize I’m too old to say that… but hey… what do you do?  🙂 ) A few updates from the family!

Other than that we are trying to spend some good time together as a family when we can.  Yesterday we went to this awesome little 50’s gas station that was turned into a restaurant up in Pilot Point.  It was fantastic!  The owner there Chaz is this awesome old guy who just comes and sits and talks with you and makes the best volcano (super hot) French fries.  :).  Here is a picture of us having some grub outside … What you can’t see is that the gas station pump is right next to us.. We are right in the drive there.  Nom nom nom!

Joseph – He says most exciting thing for him is that he is not a Freshman any more… :). He is SUPER busy with band this time of year.  In addition to spending his last two weeks of summer marching all day (some days he went in at 8am and got done at 9pm) he is still marching every day during school and then each night he has marching right after school till 7pm or so.  It is all paying off and they sound great with this 250+ kid band.   They have had 2 games so far this year and spend about every Friday at games for the next couple of months.

Here is a picture of Joseph in his room.  This is pretty typical of him right now. You may or may not be able to see, but on the ground are a bunch of his “projects”. There are some metal roses, forge (or melting metal projects), some book related things, ideas, card tricks, etc.  All the posters on the wall are pics from New Era’s.  Oh, he has an electric guitar and Ukelele, but can’t really play them yet.  

Joesph also has this “brownie” he makes… In the microwave.  Yes, you read that right… The microwave.  It is pretty dang awesome.  

Here is the recipe: 

  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 TB of Cocoa Powder
  • 2 TB of Oil
  • 3 TB of Water
  • Microwave for 1:30-1:40.  Enjoy!

Rebekah – She says that the most exciting thing for her is that she figured out her Halloween costume she is going to wear at the Halloween band concert.  She says she is going to be Rowana Ravenclaw on a Saturday – She’s got flip flops and basketball shorts.  A shirt with an inspiring quote and on the back on the shirt is something funny (TBD) and she is wearing her diadem.  Yeah, that is about a perfect example of what is exciting for Bekah.  She loves Harry Potter now a days… Her room is covered in Harry Potter paraphanalia.  She read all the Harry Potter books again this summer.  She spends her free time reading Harry Potter theories online.  Ah, the life of an 8th grader.  🙂

Kay – Kay is in 5th Grade this year… Here in Frisco ISD that  means she is the BOSS of the school!  This year the new elementary school opened in our neighborhood which is SUPER exciting because now Kay and spencer can walk or ride their bikes to school.  She is enjoying getting to know new folks and is in the choir at school.  This week when Deb and I were at the school on Friday her Choir teacher saw us and told us how much she loves Kay.  🙂 

She and Mom have been working on this REALLY HARD puzzle.. Like super hard.  Not only did it have 1000 pieces, but the pieces were really strange.  There were pieces that looked like they fit on the edges that went in the middle… And tons of very unique shapes… Which you think would make it easy, but it did not because pieces that looked like they fit did not, and pieces that looked like they would not fit, did.  :). It took them several weeks to complete this puzzle, which is a really long time for them!  What’s worst of all when they got done they were MISSING 5 pieces!  This is their super sad faces.  🙁

Spencer – Spencer is in 4th Grade this year at Miller too!  He loves his teacher and rides his bike FULL blast to school every day.  When I was a kid and we went snow skiing I used to go down the hill AS FAST AS I CAN.  He is like the Texas version of me… Really everywhere he goes.  His bedroom is right above ours and I can hear him when he wakes up in the morning and RUNS to the bathroom and runs back.  He only has one speed right now and that’s okay.  We love it. 
This week while he was running around the park at a band event he almost stepped on this spider… Seriously!  He then ran and told me and I ran ove to check it out!  It was amazing! I tried to get Debbi to let us keep it.. But alas she wouldn’t let me… 🙁

Spencer still loves to play with his Legos and make things for the turtles.  This is their outside enclosure.  🙂 

– Where to start with Debbi?  She is not here right now to ask what is exciting because she is at a meeting for the Primary.  That is pretty typical for her right now.  She is running a thousand miles a day getting kids where they need to go.  She get’s dinner on the table EVERY night for us… And she takes care of me… Let’s be honest folks… This is a full time job in itself.  This past week my WONDERFUL mother sent us these amazing chocolate strawberries to say thanks for helping her move.  We took a picture of course… And you’ll see again here ho which I LOVE to match my family (seriously people… I’m not even kidding… I really do love it).  We have our Miller Elemntary shirts on from going to the kids Miller Friday celebration (families can come) and our matching CedarWaters hats.  

As for me, I’m just trucking along. The Lord is blessing us tremendously in work and I’m grateful for that.  The hardest problem I have is figuring out how to grow the company in the right way with the right folks.  We are truly blessed though and I’m so grateful for that. 

We’re enjoying the Sabbath today and playing some cards with my goofy kids and amazing wife!

Love you all!  have a great week!

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Written by Jeff

September 4th, 2016 at 3:26 pm

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  1. OK Everyone……….Made my day completely. Love to hear about the kids as they grow up so fast and Mom and Dad as they ‘Mature’. Neither look at day older (really… Also like seeing that Phase 10 game out there…:)
    Love you all always……..and miss you!

    Aunt Susan Arebalo

    4 Sep 16 at 4:53 pm

  2. LOVE the update! And I totally concur with Debbi… NO HUGE SPIDERS get to live inside the house… EWWWWW I would NEVER sleep knowing it might and probably will… get out and wander the house at one point! Love this family and all the wonderful and fun things y’all are doing!


    4 Sep 16 at 6:46 pm

  3. Keep the updates coming, I read them all, and enjoy each one. I enjoy keeping up on the latest info. Also enjoyed your visit down here in St. George. Personally I see nothing wrong with big spiders in a container, not out by themselves. We keep ourselves busy, with at least one session per week at the temple, and my score at the geneology library in extracting is 393. And hardly miss a week making holes in 9 inch paper plates. Never a dull moment. Love you all.

    Grandpa Larry

    5 Sep 16 at 12:03 am

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