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VanD Update 10/25

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Happy Sunday Everyone from the land of the VanDribblehoppers!  Another great week has come and gone and now take a few minutes… sit down.. put your feet up (Joseph says the wives should make some cobbler for everyone) and enjoy and update from the great land of Frisco!

This week was amazing… and by amazing, I mean… well… it happened.  The biggest news of the week was probably pretty much EVERYONE getting sick for at least a few days.  Fun…

Here is a picture of Joseph in his natural state this week:


Okay, it wasn’t that bad most days, but he was home for a few days.  We have had a ton of rain this week and they didn’t have to perform at the football game on Friday and their competition for Saturday got moved to Monday, so he is enjoying a few days off.  Everyone is well in the house now.. so that is nice!

He was feeling well enough last night to go to a stake dance… his second one… so that was of course amazing and right now was the highlight of the week.  🙂

Bekah also stayed home one day this week.  Other than that the most exciting thing in her life is her getting ready for regional tryouts for honor band.  Here is a video of her practicing her french horn.

Kay McChicken foot was sick one day as well.  She is one of the most motivated little buggers you’ve ever met.  She is always bugging me to give her some work to do at my work (building websites), so finally I told her this week that she needed to get some skills before she could do that.  And Kay being who she is said… like what?  And pushed me till I sent her some links to learn to code.  She started on a HTML course and is plugging along each day.  Here’s a picture of her next to her code.


Spencer is just enjoying life.  He was sick one day as well, but he mostly is doing well and playing with his legos.  Here is a little video we made this morning.  🙂

Here is Spencer and his “Cabbage” he got at school.  It is growing away.


This week was an exciting one for Debbi taking care of everyone.  The highlight of the week was when she saw a 18 min-loaf pan at the store that “had” to be bought (I was on board too!).  She made up some AMAZING pumpkin and apple treats yesterday for us… nom nom nom…


Besides that I’m just working away.  Always exciting things happening in my life at work.  Yesterday I went to a “Lonestar Coalition Against Pornography” conference that was FANTASIC where the founder of “Fight The New Drug” was there.   Joseph and Bekah came down for an afternoon presentation by him as well that as really really good.

This weekend is Stake Conference for us here, so I had lots of great training meetings last night as well and today.  Life is just moving along great!

We sure do love and miss you all!!!

Bonus picture of the week: Joseph rocking Kay’s scarf this morning.  🙂


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Written by Jeff

October 25th, 2015 at 12:38 pm

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  1. Looks like fun. Keeping busy is what it’s all about. Love ya all.

    Larry A Lyman

    25 Oct 15 at 10:11 pm

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